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Italy in my heart

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Italy in my Heart


Risk of fake and counterfeit goods is always just around the next corner. The Dairy of Marola knows that especially in the food products market poor copies are commonplace. According to some estimates, fake Made in Italy food products generate sales of 50 billions euros annually, a sum equal to half the total value of our exports. It’s an inescapable destiny even for Parmigiano Reggiano: in Brasile imitations are sold as “Parmesao”, in Argentina “Regianito”, in South America “Reggiano” and “Parmesano”, in China “Parmeson” and in the United States “Parmesan”– just a few of the names given to conterfeit products. Instead of delighting and pleasing the palate, these fake products threaten a number of Italian products with the DOP designation– promise of excellent, unique and irreplaceable products.
The Marola Dairy and Cheese Factory has decided to safeguard its Parmigian Reggiano and its mastery of the traditonal production process with the mark “Italy in My Heart”– our seal of the quality of an original Italian product.